Importing Feeds Using WordPress

Not many people know (or maybe they do and don’t talk about it!) that WordPress can actually parse RSS feeds and display them on your WordPress install. The function we can use is the wp_rss() which will automatically fetch and parse whichever feed you desire and allow it to be viewable to your readers. So

WordPress To Feedburner Without A Plugin

Many blog owners opt to redirect their blog feed to FeedBurner, mainly I feel so your subscribers can be counted and you have some idea what your most read articles are and can monitor in many other ways, ie: click throughs etc… There are a few plugins that offer this for you for example FD

How to Add Thumbnails to Your RSS Feed

There are more and more blogs adding thumbnails to their RSS feed. This looks nice and can set your RSS feed apart from others. You should be able to implement this within 10 minutes or so. WPZine has made this modification. To add thumbnails to your RSS feed all you need to do is copy