Google Adsense Shortcode

A friend asked me today was there an easy way to add Google adsense ads within WordPress without actually filling the template files full of the implementation code, the answer was yes.. use shortcodes! So here is how you can add your Google adsense blocks to your blog without pasting lines and lines of code,

How To: DoFollow/NoFollow

By default WordPress makes most of the links nofollow, this in many ways is beneficial to your blog and doesn’t hinder you much in the way of SEO. But this isn’t always what blog owners want, so today I will show you how to make Blogroll Links nofollow as they are dofollow by default, and

How To Optimize WordPress

Site optimization regardless of platform will always be of some benefit to your site, Google recently decided to penalize sites that were slow loading, which will do no favors for SEO and SERPs. It makes sense to keep your database tidy, cache files and data if possible and reduce image sizes for example. Here are

Google Docs Shortcode Tutorial

Shortcodes are handy WordPress functions, they allow you to quickly call information or to add a specific function in posts and pages. Today I’m going to show you how to take advantage of the excellent Google Docs and allow users to read PDF, DOC and PPT files directly from your site without having to download