Disable WordPress Search

For whatever reason the time may come when you need to disable WordPress’ in built search function, your project might not call for it or you might want to change it out for Google Search for example. To do this is relatively easy, backup for functions.php file before you tinker, then add the following: Conclusion

Importing Feeds Using WordPress

Not many people know (or maybe they do and don’t talk about it!) that WordPress can actually parse RSS feeds and display them on your WordPress install. The function we can use is the wp_rss() which will automatically fetch and parse whichever feed you desire and allow it to be viewable to your readers. So

WordPress Ping Lists: Is There A Point Anymore?

A Ping List is basically a list of resources which your WordPress blog can automatically contact to inform them your blog has new content, these are generally directories, search engines and sites that link to your articles, such as blog directories. A few years ago you would see some traffic coming from the sources you’re

Working With Excerpts

An excerpt is a summary of your blog post, this is an optional feature in WordPress and can be used in circumstances where you would only like to display a teaser of a post rather than the full article. You can also set your RSS feeds to display this summary rather than the full post,

WordPress Security Hacks and Tricks

Following on from my recently article about WordPress security plugins there are a number of ways you can shore up your security by using a few choice snippets and hacks. Please do ensure you backup before making any changes to your files, the .htaccess if broken can cause your blog to stop working completely! Tips