WordPress To Feedburner Without A Plugin

Many blog owners opt to redirect their blog feed to FeedBurner, mainly I feel so your subscribers can be counted and you have some idea what your most read articles are and can monitor in many other ways, ie: click throughs etc… There are a few plugins that offer this for you for example FD

How To Add Custom Default Avatars

The WordPress mystery man is infamous with WordPress, a huge number of blogs have him as the default avatar and while he has his own attraction it can look more polished using your own custom avatar. Today I’m going to run through the easy way of doing this, you will be working in the functions.php

Create A Simple Blog Stats Plugin

Developing plugins for WordPress at a glance might well strike you as a daunting task on the face of it, and many people don’t bother delving any deeper, truth be known the task isn’t that painful at all. I have written a really simple plugin for the readers of WPZine and will take it apart

How To Add Multiple Sidebars

One question I see popping up around the web is “How do I add another sidebar on my WordPress blog.” So today I will tackle the issue at hand and show you a really easy way to add as many sidebars as you need. We will be modifying functions.php and sidebar.php so before you start,